How the System Works

how the system works
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    The Car-E-Motion sensor detects life in the car
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    The system sends an alert to the control center
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    The control center sends text messages to emergency services and the parents
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    The parents and the emergency services receive the texts and take action
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    Rescue forces are dispatched to the car

Technological Innovation

  • “Blood flow” registered patent
  • No need for user activation
  • Screens out background noise
  • A single facility for any number of children

Product Components

  1. Reception unit
  2. Processing unit
  3. SIM Card
  4. Wiring to car battery
Identifies signs of life

Identifies Signs of Life

Car-E-Motion is the first fully automatic system in the world that immediately identifies a child or a person who was left in the car.


Studies prove that Car-E-Motion detects life with
100% accuracy

Identifies signs of life
Without a switch-on

Minimal User Effort Design

Car-E-Motion is activated by opening one of the car doors. There are no activation commands or a switch-on mechanism. Once the door is open, Car-E-Motion sensors scan the car for arterial blood flow inside the car. The system sends an alert to preset contacts. Additionally, the system identifies pets who were left in the car. Tested working for dogs and cats.

Compatible with Every Car


For the First Time in the World

Car-E-Motion system is compatible with every car
Easy installation, with no activation button
No false-alarms
100% coverage 24/7

Identifies Signs of Life
Button Free
Compatible with Every Car

Head Office

Phone numbers: +972-9-9542188
Fax: +972-9-9542186
E-mail: info@car-e-motion.com
Address: Car-E-Motion, Bat Shlomo, Israel, 3099200


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