For the first time, a system that isn’t dependent on the driver, which warns the driver when a baby is left in the car.

Without the need to push any buttons.

In real time

CarEmotion sends an SMS including the GPS location to the parents, family and emergency hotline.

Every minute counts!

Minimal price

A major development target: reducing the price to 100 dollars for a CarEmotion system.
An essential system for every vehicle.

100% coverage

The CarEmotion system has activated immediately in all tests, with different types and sizes of vehicles, regardless of the location of the child in the vehicle.

Exclusive patent

CarEmotion’s development is in the final stages of patent registration in the U.S.

Simple installation

CarEmotion is operated via a single connection point in the vehicle.


CarEmotion is a subsidiary of GoNet IT Solutions. GoNet develops various systems for defense institutions, insurance companies, banks and other large organizations. The Company provides products and initiatives in various fields, including encryption, screening and scheduling systems, and more. The Company began developing the product three years ago, after many fatalities from this cause in Israel. The majority of the financial investment thus far has been in development and trials.

In all other existing systems, the driver must perform a specific action before each journey, or install a special seat, or the child has to cry.

  • Life-saving system!

    CarEmotion is the only system on the market, which is able to detect signs of life inside a vehicle. This Israeli development has clearly proven its ability to send a warning via text message, 60 seconds after the driver exits the vehicle, in any situation where a child is left behind. In such a situation, the driver is very likely to still be near the vehicle.

  • 2016

    After three years of research, the CarEmotion system is currently at the stage of a working prototype. A specially-designed sensor and a sophisticated algorithm are able to detect signs of life independently and automatically. Currently, the system is the size of a laptop, and in the next stage, after finding an investor, the system will be decreased in size and the price will be reduced to only 100 US dollars.

  • Independent

    The system is independent: installation does not involve the vehicle mechanisms, other than an electrical connection for charging the battery.

  • Accurate

    In all tests, in varying situations including heavy rain and loud noise from outside the vehicle, there were no false alarms.

  • Perfect

    CarEmotion’s technology is fully developed, unlike competing systems, which only provide partial solutions or are based on undeveloped technologies.


How It Works

Operating instructions

Operating instructions

There aren’t any! A passive sensor, with a processor that is installed in the trunk of the car, constantly monitors the vehicle. The sensor carries out a sample test every 30-40 seconds. The sample is sent to the Company’s control center, which checks if the system detects signs of life in a car whose engine has been turned off. If so, an immediate warning is sent to the phone numbers listed in the system. Should the threat not be removed after a number of warnings, the control center calls the vehicle owner or parent, as specified in advance. If there is no reply, the police or emergency services are contacted.

Advantages for the customer

Advantages for the customer

Installation is simple, initial calibration is made via smartphone, and, as mentioned, there is no need for the driver to do anything to operate the system. The first warning is received within 60 seconds from the moment a child is left alone in the car, until the threat is removed. Quick detection allows for a reasonable response time by emergency personnel.

International solution

International solution

Numerous studies and articles from the US and around the world show that anyone can forget a child in a car. There are no clear indicators of socio-economic background of drivers who have forgotten children in a vehicle. From year to year, the likelihood of such tragic incidents occurring increases, with the many stresses of modern life in the western world. In the US alone, such incidents led to the deaths of 38 children a year, as of 2012.

Quality guarantee

Quality guarantee

In all of the trials conducted so far, the system has reliably reported each instance of a small child being left alone in a vehicle. The system provides an unprecedented level of certainty.

Market Potential

Automotive Manufacturing
Annual world

  • Today, there are over 2.5 million vehicles on the road in Israel, including over 2 million private vehicles.
  • In the United States, this number is more than 100 times greater.
  • One of the primary aims of the plan is to penetrate the world market through publicity and exposure to raise awareness.
  • The business plan is based on exceeding 1% market penetration within 4 years.
  • The race for a solution to the problem of small children being forgotten in cars is taking place in various countries that are seeking solutions. Regulatory bodies are interested in technological solutions.

The Ambition

To integrate the system as a mandatory standard for vehicles owned by private and public companies, and to instill awareness of the need to install the device in private vehicles.

The Vision

To be the first and the leaders in the market for installation in vehicles owned by private and public companies, as a mandatory standard. (This is being worked on at the Standards Institution of Israel).

The Challenge

To convince vehicle manufacturers to integrate the system as a standard.

The Goal

To be the first in the market with an inexpensive, available and high-quality solution.

Our Staff

ד"ר גדי שווץ

Dr. Gadi Shvets

Commanded a number of IDF computer units, has worked in the technology field for over 30 years, including in the IDF (automatic scheduling systems (Israeli Information Technology Association prize), command and control systems, and more. Colonel in the reserves. An entrepreneur by nature.

For more than a decade, Dr. Gadi Shvets has worked in consulting in and development of information systems and computing systems, and providing technological solutions in different fields for a variety of companies, including IBM, the airplane industry, the Scouts movement, the Amal educational network, NA’AMAT, Coca Cola, and more. Previously, he served as CEO of Calanit Carmon, a public company with some 400 employees in the field of systems development and support. Dr. Shvets retired from active army service with the rank of Colonel in 2000, after serving as commander of two computer units and as assistant to the commander of the Teleprocessing Corps. He has a bachelor’s degree in statistics and performance analysis, and an MBA in business management.

ד"ר בוריס גרינשטיין

Dr. Boris Greenstein

Decades of experience in seismological research. Has worked at various start-ups as a consultant in the field, including consulting for Elbit.

Dr. Boris Greenstein, seismic analysis expert, has developed seismic systems for detecting landslides, and has developed algorithms for seismic analysis in various fields, including defense developments for detecting security threats in protecting oil and gas pipelines, detecting tunnels, and more. At CarEmotion, Boris develops algorithms for detecting people. Boris has a doctorate in electronics and a bachelor’s degree in radio engineering.

דוד ספקטורמן

David Spectorman

Systems development expert

David Spectorman has over 20 years of experience in developing knowledge-intensive industrial systems. He has served as director of development for a number of ventures, and has worked as a technology consultant for leading companies in the economy, as well as for the defense industries. Spectorman holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a diploma in computer engineering.

אבי שמול

Avi Shmoul

Strategic consultant. Owner of the public relations firm Ossim Inyan and of the movie production company SHOS!

For the past 15 years, Avi Shmoul has served as a strategic consultant for a series of infrastructure, high-tech and foreign trade enterprises. His clients include the Technion, the Chamber of Shipping of Israel, PORT2PORT, the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Light Rail (Neta), Netivei Israel – National Transport Infrastructure Company, Fritz Companies, the Ministry of Transport, Rambam Medical Center, Frutarom, and the Ashdod Port. He worked previously as a journalist at the Haaretz and Globes newspapers, and an editor at the Yediot Communications network and at the Schocken network. He has a bachelor’s degree in psychology.




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